CAST & Crowns Performing Arts Center
CAST: Creative Artists Still Training 

 CAST & Crowns Performing Arts Center

CAST is a Family. Come join our Family and make new friends while learning the Performing Arts.


2015 CAST Fees (based monthly) 

Fees for CAST & Crowns Performing Arts Center 

**Boys classes offered $30 a month 

Pre-registrtaion Fee is $40.00 nonrefundable and not applied to your monthly tuition. Seond second child's registration fee is $20 and third child is $15

Toddlers & TuTus 1 day a week for 30 minutes is $40 a month

One day a week Dance 4 to 6 year olds Ballet-Tap-Tumbling $70 a month

1 day a week 1 hour group class for Voice,Art,Elem Drama & Pageant class is $65 amonth

 Piano 1 day a week private sessions $15 a classs for 30 minutes

1 day a week 1 hour of class is $70 a month for dance & acrobatics

1 day a week 1.5 hours of class is $75 a month for dance & acrobatics

1 day a week 1.5 hours of class is $75 a month  THEATRE ON THE GO with Mrs. Corley)

2 days a week 2 hours of class is $90 a month

 UNLIMITED Dance & Acrobtics $125 a month 

TRIPLE THREAT PACKAGE $250 a month unlimited arts at CAST & Crowns  

DISCOUNTS :Family Discounts $10 off second child,$15 off third child,Military Discount $10 off.  CAST CASH  is when you will receive $20 off your next months tuition for bringing a new friend to CAST & Crowns

Solo & privates Class Fees

Solo/private class fees $45 for 45 minutes

$60 for 1 hour privates

You can Receive a discount by paying $100 a month for 4 thirty minute private classes instead of $120

Costumes for The Winter Show are $75.00 to $85.00 each. Large Adult costumes and Extra Large Child Costumes must add $10.00 extra.

May Spring Showcase Costumes are $75 to $85 each and we reuse our Winter Show Costume to help with Expences.

Our Toddlers & Tutus Class Costumes are $65 to $70

All students attending CAST & Crowns will have a Winter & Spring Show case Tee shirt. As we wear them for Our Finale Number.

CAST Show Troupe Costumes are more expensive,but we do reuse our January Winter costumes in the May Showcase. Show Troupe uses their costumes all year in performances,competitions and Showcase.They range from $75 to $150 in group dances based on the amount of Rhinestones or quality of fabric or if it is custom designed. Also,Show Troupe is required to order the Troupe Warm Up Jacket and I highly suggest that you order a Rac N Roll at or a Dream Duffle at for all your costumes,shoes,tights,etc...

Solo-duet or trio costumes price range vary from $75 to $250. These are usually decided with Mrs Christy and those performing in that routine.

Tuesday is Our Apprentice Program(No Show Troupe Classes on Tuesday)


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